Location Utilization

Don't let your relative location steer you away from utilizing our firm. If you or your business is located outside of the High Desert, we can actually save you upwards of 35-40% on accounting services while maintaining high levels of qualilty based solely on our location in relation to your current provider!

When you begin looking for a CPA firm to provide professional services such as audits, payroll, bookkeeping, tax return preparation, etc., it is really important to consider the location of that firm. The higher the cost of living in their area, the higher you will be paying for those services. For a simplistic example, Miers & Miers is located in the High Desert. As you move south towards Rancho Cucamonga, the cost of living doubles. Continuing south, the cost of living in Los Angeles is nearly 3 times the amount paid in the High Desert! The higher the cost of living, the higher businesses must pay employees. This in turn results in higher operating costs and higher fees charged to their clients.

We have embraced recent technological advances and are well suited to provide you with the highest quality possible, even from miles away. Since information now a days is almost entirely electronic, inspired by enthusiasts of going green, it is now easier than ever to utilize our firm and our lower professional fees. While most information can be transmitted electronically, we are more than happy to visit your offices and meet in person when necessary at your convenience.